PanU Green

Product information

PanU Green is a type of ready mix concrete that can reduce the carbon emissions and greenhouse gases into the environment, this product can be applied for high-rise buildings, industrial projects, infrastructure, bridges, ports and civil works. The product contributes to the project’s goal of contributing to get achievement green certificates such as Leed, Lotus, Greenmark, and Edge.


Green Features

The product product reduce the carbon emission by replacing the part of cement component with other material of cementious. Using the special admixture and carbon mineralisation PanU Carbon CureTM in ready mix concrete.


– PanU Green LCC reduce the carbon emission upto 20% compare with normal concrete

– PanU Green VLC reduce the carbon emission upto 50% compare with normal concrete

– PanU Green ULC reduce the carbon emission more than 50% compare with normal concrete


Compliance & Certifications

    • meets the requirements of TCVN 9340, TCVN 5574, ACI, BS EN206, EUROCODE, ACI.

Product description 


Interiors & Finishes




NC H-PR-2; H2
Homes H-3
SB H-4
Interiors H-3
SI H-2


FiCO Pan-United Joint Stock Company


Add South Building, 60 Truong Son Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel (+84) 9 3276 7086
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