AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Solar Photovoltaic Module


Product information

AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Modules are photovoltaic panels that use bypass diodes to eliminate the development of hot-spots (excessive heating in an area of a solar panel) and thus the damages and risks associated, such as: loss of efficiency, damage to the panel, and in some cases, fires.

Some features of the AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Modules include:
• Higher yield due to plus-sorting from 0 up to +5 Wp (every module at least reaches the specified power or even achieves up to 5 W more than indicated)
• Guaranteed Module Performance of 80% after 25 years
• Ideal for Vietnam weather with a low temperature coefficient of power of -0.38%/oC or -0.4%/oC (yield is less affected by high temperatures)
• High Mechanical load 5400Pa / 550kg / m² (highly stable and tough).

Green Features

• Solar photovoltaic panel with high efficiency to produce renewable energy.

Compliance & Certifications

• TÜV Certificates: IEC 61215 + IEC 61730

• CE Certificates: EN 61000

• Tested under SGS Solar Performance Scheme on PID, salt mist, sand, NH3 resistance.

Electrical Equipment 


Solar Photovoltaic


NR E-1, E-6
MFR E-1, E-7
BIO E-2, E-6
Homes/SB E-BPC-2




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