BacComber – Cooling Water Treatment System



Product information

The very first Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) product launched to the market some 15 years ago and now in its fourth generation that is able to control scaling, corrosion, biological growth in a single system specifically for cooling water application. The treatment enhances overall cycle of concentration (COC) and eliminates all the draw backs of using chemicals. The bleed off water can be fully recycled for other services that meet the zero liquid discharge criteria and help in mitigating downstream water pollution.

Applicable to a spectrum of industry including: green buildings, hospitals, district cooling plants, and industrial process cooling, etc.


Green Features

  • BacComber is a physical water treatment system for cooling towers and does not use any chemicals. This makes the operation of the cooling tower eco-friendly as there is no health and safety risk of storing and handling chemicals.
  • The blow-down water can be reused 100% for secondary applications as there is no chemical involved in the treatment process. The blow-down water can be safely discharged to the ground or drainage and will not cause any secondary contamination.
  • The system reduces the water consumption by enhancing the overall cycle of concentration (COC) and hence conserves precious resources.
  • By controling scaling, BacComber also enhances the energy efficiency of the chillers.


Compliance & Certifications

BacComber is ‘GREEN CERTIFIED PRODUCT’ in Singapore.

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NR / MFR W-4



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